The Perfect Blend – Saffron Is Just The Beginning – Satiereal Saffron Extract plus Green Tea Extract and more.

Satiereal Saffron and other spices

SaffroLean’s proprietary blend includes Satiereal Saffron Extract, Green Tea Extract and 5 other premium ingredients.

Why Should You Choose SaffroLean?

Recently, the famous TV doctor, Dr. Oz, created an instant Saffron sensation. The media mania and hype that has resulted from the great information provided by Dr. Oz has instigated the development of a number of products that have been rushed to market to capitalize on the buzz around Satiereal Saffron Extract as a “miracle diet supplement”.

Within these hastily created products, many combine the coveted Satiereal Saffron Extract with inert ingredients that have little or no effect from the daily dosages they contain. These “extra” ingredients may sound exotic, but they add nothing more than a marketing advantage for the company. Additionally, some contain less than the universally accepted single dose amount of Satiereal Saffron Extract which is 88.5 mg twice a day. Some products advertise 100 mg but in the small print they specify that they are referring to the “daily recommended dosage” which is 2 capsules. So they are actually giving you only 50 mg per capsule while making it seem like they are providing more of the active ingredient.

At SaffroLean, we don’t need to resort to typical “weight-loss” exaggerated claims and deceptive advertising copy to attract customers. Instead, we rely on the proven science behind the benefits of our product that we ourselves have experienced and wish to share with a wider audience. SaffroLean is an all-natural stimulant-free weight loss supplement that is safe to use, purposefully designed to deliver results that are sustainable.

Satiereal Saffron Extract Scientists

After 4 years of meticulous testing, SaffroLean was brought to the market.

Our team of supplement, nutrition and wellness experts has worked for 4 years to bring this specially crafted supplement into the hands of dieters. Extensive testing was done to achieve just the right blend to create a truly amazing product. Each of the all natural ingredients in SaffroLean were specifically chosen for their proven effectiveness in stimulating each of the 3 main aspects of losing weight: curb the appetite, enhance the mood, and speed up the metabolism. Together, this formula creates a powerful and targeted diet supplement that if used as directed, will enable long-term, sustainable weight loss.

The hand selected premium ingredients in SaffroLean’s proprietary blend of Satiereal Saffron Extract, Green Tea Extract, plus 5 important vitamins combines to form this uniquely effective supplement. Each ingredient has a distinct purpose. The Satiereal Saffron Extract, the main active ingredient in SaffroLean provides the mood enhancement properties and the reduced desire to snack between meals. This extract is highly sought out for its medicinal properties and rare effects. Camellia Sinensis, the plant that green tea comes from can increase the rate at which your metabolism burns through calories by 4 percent. This ingredient allows you to burn fat naturally, without any dangerous side effects. The additional ingredients in SaffroLean also strengthen your immune system and help you maintain an overall healthy diet.

SaffroLean allows you to look great, feel great, and finally maintain the lifestyle you deserve with the perfect blend of 100 percent all natural and FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients.

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