Science of Saffron – Satiereal Saffron Extract is Beneficial

So, What Does Science Have To Say About Satiereal Saffron?

The 3 red stigmas from each blossom are separated out to be refined into the satiereal saffron extract.

While saffron has been used traditionally for centuries as a natural way to improve mood, it is only recently that the scientific medical community has begun to explore its potential. The concern about side effects of many synthetic drugs along with the growing awareness of how mood impacts our daily lives, including weight control, have been driving factors in these studies. Natural products tend to have fewer and milder side effects and can provide benefits consumers desire. The science of saffron is quite diverse and impressive.

In several clinical trials, saffron’s efficacy as a natural mood enhancer was demonstrated. In these trials, with more 40 test subjects, saffron extract demonstrated improvements in overall mood and related issues, like stress. These trials also showed virtually no side effects.

In 2010, 60 modestly overweight women between the ages of 25 and 45 participated in a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of the saffron extract, Satiereal, upon overeating and snacking behaviors. Over an eight week period, half of the group were given a placebo and the other half were given a Satiereal, supplement. They were told not to change their eating habits or behavior.

By the conclusion of the eight week trial, the women who had been taking the Satiereal saffron supplement had lost a greater amount of weight than the placebo group. They were snacking 51% less. All of the women in this group were noticeably more energetic and alert. Approximately 70% of them stated that they were experiencing higher levels of satiety. None of them experienced any adverse side effects.

In studies of over 500 allergies, an allergy to saffron has proven to be very rare. Saffron is recognized to be a safe for consumption by the European Food Source Agency, where it has long been used.

photo credits – Frank Motola, Charlotte Sableman

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